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Take Time to Wonder

“Take care to wonder at the world through which you wander. Never hurry by an open door. For you live in a universe with miracles galore.” Old Irish Hymn

If we were truly honest with ourselves, we spend more time reacting to the world than in wonder. The constant barrage of our emails, twitter feeds, Facebook page, and Flipboard feeds keeps our eyes glued to a screen. Our day’s agenda gets mindlessly set by the emails that clutter our in-box. We spend our days responding and reacting to the needs set before us, forgetting that we will never experience this day or this moment again.

Stop. Take a deep breath. Take another. Give yourself a brief hiatus each day from all things electronic. And in that hiatus, inhale the wonder of the world and give thanks.


HOR: Get beyond the screen. Give yourself permission to go off the grid, make yourself unavailable, and simply be present to the world now.

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