We can become pretty self-absorbed in grief. This is normal. We are in deep, wrenching pain. Yet, when we only look inward and consider ourselves, we forget that we are not the center of the universe.  We can even lash out, because the world seems to be going on without us.  Others have forgotten our pain and our loss.

Our pain can be so overwhelming that we lose focus that there is something bigger than us and our pain. Nurturing our spirit helps us intentionally reconnect with God and our community. And shifting our focus to God and our community helps. Our pain and loss is not smaller; we simply have a broader perspective.

This month we are focusing on balance in our lives, especially in the midst of loss. We are looking at four areas of our lives: mind; body; spirit; and social.  We’ve asked hundreds of grievers for a personal piece of advice they’d like to share with others. This week is about nurturing our spirit!  Here are some ideas other grievers found helpful:

à Join a faith-based group. This is doubly beneficial; the group provides social interaction, and a safe space to explore and expand your spiritual beliefs.

  • Pray.
  • Meditate on Sacred Scripture
  • Spend time in reflection
  • Offer service to others—volunteer

You granted me life and loving kindness; and your care preserved my spirit.”

Job 10:12

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